About Eri Sugimoto

Eri’s work is functional pottery which is mainly thrown on a wheel. She creates the pattern on each piece by hand-cutting paper, then laying it out so as to be unique and dynamic using the body of the piece as a canvas. She tries to make two-dimensional patterns look three-dimensional through placement of the design on the organic curve. The techniques of asymmetry and dynamic composition in her pottery may have been influenced by her experience studying Japanese Middle Ages art on folding screens, ink paintings, sliding screen paintings, and illustrated scrolls in her early days as an art history student.

The form of her pottery is as significant as the pattern. Beautiful, organic and functional : these are the elements that she always keep in mind. In addition, she is always seeking the infinite variety of combinations of clay and slip that will make the pattern look as beautiful as possible.

Her work is not only for special occasions but also for daily use. She hope is always that each piece will become one of the joyful elements in someone’s life.

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